Office (Near Gongdeok where I predominantly work on Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri):

From the subway station: The closest subway stop would be Gongdeok Station (Line 5 & 6, Kyungei Central Line, Airport Line) at Entrance#1. As soon as you exit entrance#1, make a left after you pass Tour Les Jours (bakery: refer to picture below) and keep straight.


After walking straight, you will come to a crosswalk. Cross and make a right where you will come to an officetel building with the words “Dessian” on the top part part of the building. In the next picture, the building is the taller building on the right.


Enter this building and take the elevator that takes you to the 15th floor. There are two sets of elevators that only go to the 8th floor so make sure you take the one that goes to the higher floors. After getting off the elevator, find #1504 and make sure to press the door buzzer. The office looks like an apartment complex but it is set up as a counseling center.

*You can also get off at Mapo Station and head out towards entrance#2. It is about a 7 minute walk from this station (250 meters). Once you get to McDonalds, turn left and keep walking till you get to the intersection and make a right turn. The officetel will be on your right and on the ground floor you will see cafes named “Sweet Buns” and “김밥천국.”

By Bus: The following are the bus numbers you can take to get to the office

1002(Green), 631(Green), 260(Blue), 160(Blue), 600(Blue), 7013(Green), 7611(Green), 2300,
2400, 2100. Make sure to get off at Gongdeuk Station.


Free parking is available for up to an hour and a half in the parking lot that is located in the basement level of the building. Parking is also free after 6pm on Saturdays and on Korean national holidays.  The picture below depicts the entrance of the parking garage.



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