1) How long does a session last?

I generally do 50 minute sessions but allow for longer sessions per request and as needed.

2) Do you accept foreign insurance? (e.g., Aetna, Bupa, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna)

At this time, I am accepting cash only clients. However, I do provide receipts for clients, who have submitted the receipts to their insurance companies and let me know that they were successfully reimbursed. Feel free to ask for receipts.

I can also directly bill for GeoBlue and HTH at this time after a GOP has been issued.

3) Where is your office located?

I work out of my Gongdeok office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Thursdays and some Saturdays. This office is located in an officetel that is located 3-5 minutes away from Gongdeok Station (Entrance #1) by foot. It is on the 15th floor of an officetel building (Dessian). I share office space with another psychologist.

4) What languages do you provide therapy in?

As I lived half my life in both Korea and the US, I can provide therapy in both languages (English, Korean)

5) Do you prescribe medications?

I do not prescribe medications as I am a psychologist vs a psychiatrist. However, I can provide a list of references of psychiatrists in the area.

6) Does Korean National Insurance cover counseling?

Unfortunately, at this time Korean National Insurance does not cover counseling.

7) How many sessions would I have to attend?

There is no set number of sessions you need to attend. I would recommend that clients explore attending at least 3-5 sessions to see any tangible results. To set the momentum of therapy, I also encourage clients to try out weekly sessions and then space sessions out as they experience symptom relief.

8) How do I make an appointment with you?

The quickest way to reach me would be to me email at wingsrestored@gmail.com and leave your name, number, and good time slots to call. I would call you to answer questions and set up an initial appointment time. You can also call directly to make an appointment (010-8760-9582). Please leave your name and number on the answering machine if I am not available to take your call.

9) What does the first session look like?

In the first session (a.k.a. intake session), I ask clients to come early to fill out forms that ask about basic background information. During the intake session, I invite the client to discuss his/her concerns and goals for therapy and make sure that this is a time where both the client and therapist can get to know each other more. I also ask questions about the client’s history, background, strengths, and family and make sure that I understand where my client is coming from.

10) How much do sessions cost?

I have a fixed price of 150.000 won per  individual session (current as of 1/7/19). I do offer discounted fees for students and those with financial difficulties that can go down to 130.000 won per session.
Please contact wingsrestored@gmail.com to move forward with the process or to ask any questions or address concerns.

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