Fellow therapists

Therapists that offer therapy in Korean:

1) Il-kyung Moon (문일경 선생님), Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology

Licensed Professional Counselor Level 1 (Korean Counseling Psychological Association)

Target population: Adolescents, Adults

She offers both face to face and online therapy.

대면 상담 & 비대면 상담 둘다 가능합니다.

Email: hanacounsel@naver.com

Website: http://www.hanacounsel.kr

Address: 하나상담심리센터(마포구 도화동 560 태영데시앙루브 1504지하철 5,6호선 공덕역 1번 출구 도보 3-5분 소요)3

(O) 070-8692-7281 (Cell) 010-8987-7281

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